Search request
Date: May 2, 2022
Name: Erin ...
City, State and Zip: San Francisco, CA 94116
Type of object lost: Ring
Location where item was lost if different from address: Barkin Springs, Austin TX.
( Google satellite image of location where believed to have been lost )
How long ago was item lost? April 2nd, noon

The Austin Metal Detecting Club's search team received the above request to find the ring lost in the water. The requester was visiting from San Francisco and tried to go to Barton Springs Pool. Unfortunately, the pool was closed that day, so Erin and her family went to the spillway pool, "Barkin Springs".

They were enjoying the cool water and warm sun when they noticed a ripple in the water. As it got closer, they determined it was a snake. Not taking time to introduce themselves, they ran for the shoreline. As they were drying off, Erin noticed that her wedding ring was missing. The family could not search for long as they had to catch a plane back to San Francisco that evening. Her husband found our website and initiated the search request.

Metal detecting in Austin City Parks is not allowed without permission, which was given by the local Park Ranger. Four members of the search team: Mitch, Fred, Paul and Scott were on it the next day. We used facetime to get a better idea where to search. The water was clear and we covered the entire area. Either the ring had been picked up by another swimmer or was hiding between the larger rocks.

I went back three more times with a large coil to get in and around the large rocks. The technique was working as I was getting more targets on each visit. During the last trip I got a weak signal where three large rocks came together. After moving two of them and checking three hands full of gravel, out came the ring.

I do not know how she could have aimed for that small opening, but it protected the ring until I could find it.

Scott Hegel