Type of object lost: Ring

How long ago was item lost? October 23, 2022

Backstory: A fellow named James ... saw an article on Reddit written by Jeff ..., who had lost his diamond wedding ring in a Chris Taylor Racing parking lot while attending a race at the Circuit of the Americas. James thought that AMDC might be able to help, so he submitted a lost item search request to the Club and included the link to the Reddit article: "https://reddit.com/r/formula1/comments/yeaarp/for_anyone_that_parked_in_the_christaylor_lot_for/"

Scott asked James to have Jeff contact him directly. Jeff did and stated that the ring had still not been found in spite of a lengthy search by himself and several friends. Jeff provided the coordinates <deleted> to mark the location where he had parked.

Scott spoke with Chris Taylor and got approval for us to search the parking area pretty much anytime.

Search: On Sunday, November 13, 2022, six members of the AMDC including Mitch London, Ruby & Larry O'Neal, Andrew Phillips, Fred & Jeanne Toewe visited the parking area to search for the wedding ring. We each entered the given coordinates in our phones, and after a few false starts, all wound up in approximately the same spot. We started swinging our detectors and digging up a few modern coins, plus lots of bullet slugs, brass casings and can slaw.

Found: After about an hour of this, Mitch shouted that he had found it, and sure enough he had. See the images below. So we all gathered around Mitch and oohed and aahed the beautiful ring and took pictures. Then we each swung our detectors on it to see what it read. Some were surprised, others not. The ring had been pressed into the dirt sideways, but still had a circular shape showing. It was located about 110' from the given coordinates, in what appeared to be a traffic lane between the parking 'spaces' and the gravel driveway.

We contacted Chris by text to let him know that we had found it and asked him to contact Jeff to let him know we had found it and to ask where we should send it. Chris wrote back and said that Jeff was extremely happy, and that he preferred to pick it up in person.

On Tuesday, Mitch met with Jeff to give him the ring and to ask about its history. The ring belonged to his father who became a 32nd degree Freemason in the Scottish Rites and received the ring in 1960, the date engraved inside the ring. Jeff wears the ring in his father's honor as a wedding ring. He thinks the ring was lost when he took it off and set it on the truck to apply sunscreen and it either slipped off or he forgot to pick it up. He was very grateful at getting the ring back.

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